Proven: the appearance of your partner influences your health

Proven: the appearance of your partner influences your health

Appearance is important for many people. But we did not know that the appearance of your partner influences your health. So don’t panic if your husband doesn’t look like George Clooney: that has its advantages. 

We are often busy (sometimes unconsciously) with our appearance. “I would rather not have that wrinkle and those extra pounds on my stomach can also go away.” But we are not only concerned with our own appearance. We also think the appearance of our partner is very important. For this reason an investigation has been carried out in America. And guess what? It also has an impact on your health. Research This special outcome has come about through extensive American research. The research was conducted at  Florida State University  by Marie R.Marks No fewer than 113 couples were thoroughly challenged.

The couples had to complete an extensive questionnaire about their eating habits and their emotions in relation to food. If a woman felt guilty after eating something unhealthy or appreciated the feeling of an empty stomach, this had to be noted.

No (too) high expectations
The outward appearance of the participants was also measured by means of a subjective measurement. And what turned out? Women with a partner who were found to be less attractive had fewer problems with eating problems, uncertainties or other unhealthy eating habits than women with a very handsome friend. The reason for this would be that women with a hunk as a partner would strive for perfection and would be less satisfied. They would be unhealthy about their appearance and would have unhealthy sports and eating habits.

It is of course nice if your partner is also super handsome next to his nice personality. As long as you don’t compare yourself with your partner. So of course you can take this test with a pinch of salt.