About Us

Pimples, red spots, irritations, acne, psoriasis and so on. For us women (maybe also men) a major annoyance. How could this be? We often do all this ourselves through everything we put into our mouths.

Beautybyelke consists of dietitians who have an affinity with nutrition and dietary advice for all ages. They have built up specific expertise for this. The members of the network work in primary care, for example at a home care institution, an organization, Center for Youth and Family or work in an independent practice that profiles itself in the field of infant nutrition and dietetics.

What does the network offer?

  • Platform for primary care dietitians
  • Representation of first line child health care dietitian
  • Thinking along and working on new guidelines and protocols
  • Promoting findability of child dietitians both at individual level and for other disciplines such as, youth doctors and nurses, remedial educationalists, etc.
  • Public Relation, both within and outside the profession
  • Information about education, symposia, etc. in the field of infant nutrition and dietetics, possibly also making an active contribution to education in the future