A ‘healthy’ appearance gives you a head start

A ‘healthy’ appearance gives you a head start

That we judge each other, in the first instance, on appearance is a very natural response. It’s in our genes. Recognizing someone at a glance as ‘healthy, trusting, strong and sympathetic’ was often vital in the past. And we still prefer attractive people. It is only later that someone is not that healthy, trusting, strong and sympathetic. But until we reach that conclusion, physically attractive people do have a head start and less attractive people sometimes literally remain out of the picture. We often do not realize that we make that selection ‘attractive and suitable’ and ‘not attractive and therefore not suitable’ so automatically and so quickly, therefore its important to become more attractive so that you can get higher positions in jobs more easily. The phenomenon is known as the halo effect. The attractiveness of a person makes us more intelligent, estimate more reliable, healthier, more successful and richer. The bar is therefore high. We have to look good if we want to be seen and achieve something. It is even a requirement for representative functions. People should like to see you, listen to you and talk to you.

If you look good, you feel more secure

But it is not only the others who make demands on our appearance. We also want to look good for our partner and especially for ourselves. “If you know that you look good, you feel more secure, you behave more freely and you appear more spontaneous. And that is very attractive for others, “explains psychologist Marcelino Lopez. That is why we also work on our appearance when we have a meeting or presentation or go to a party. We feel better then. Conversely, it also works. If you are unsure about your appearance, you will behave less freely and appear less spontaneously and therefore less attractive.

More positive appearance

Annette Frans has a representative profession and felt insecure about her appearance. “Hanging corners of the mouth, a somewhat negative appearance, that was not how I felt at all. But that is how I looked. I was dissatisfied with the Annette that I saw in the mirror. ”After an extensive search on the internet and conversations with a cosmetic medical doctor, Annette opted for a non-invasive treatment with fillers and botulinum toxin. “I’m 49 years old. I did not want to look like someone 25 or 35, but I did want to have the energetic appearance that I had lost over the years. If I look in the mirror now, I will recognize myself again. ”

Not young, wrinkle-free and tight

Most people who are treated, just want to look good for their age. Their wish is not a face that is as young, wrinkle-free and as tight as possible. They only want to change those things that bother them such as that tired appearance, that frown wrinkle or that deep nose-lip fold. According to Lopez, it is not about ‘beautiful’ or ‘beauty’, but about the appearance that someone has. “From an evolutionary point of view, it is much more desirable to look nice, sympathetic and radiant. Moreover, that also gives you more confidence in the long run than just a good head. ”