What is appearance saying about your personality and health?

If you look good, you feel more secure, We judge each other, in the first instance, on appearance is a very natural response. If you know that you look good, you feel more secure, you behave more freely and you appear more spontaneous. And that is very attractive for others.

Food for a healthy appearance

Water, water and more water
In addition to healthy eating and skin care, it is also very important to properly hydrate your skin to look good. Smearing creams will work well for many people, but this is often not enough. You need to drink around 2 liters of water per day if you want to get the ultimate effect.

Red vegetables
Think of chillies, tomatoes, peppers and beets. These products contain a lot of collagen, which ensures firmness in the whole body and especially in our skin. Something that destroys collagen are sun rays. It is well known that too much sun is bad for your skin. These products work well as a natural sun protection.

Orange vegetables
Full of vitamin A. It helps the cells in your skin to recover and heal. Pumpkin seeds are also good for pimples.

Fish oil
A fresh piece of salmon is full of omega-3. This makes the cells in the skin stronger by a protective fat layer around the skin cells. It could improve your eyes, have a positive effect against risks for heart disease, against depression and anxiety, inflammation and much more. If you are not a fan of fish or do you only eat vegetarian food? Fish oil supplements or linseed and chia seeds are a good alternative.

Look good, Feel more secure

But it is not only the others who make demands on our appearance. We also want to look good for our partner and especially for ourselves. “If you know that you look good, you feel more secure, you behave more freely and you appear more spontaneous.

More positive appearance

Most people who are treated, just want to look good for their age. Their wish is not a face that is as young, wrinkle-free and as tight as possible. They only want to change those things that bother them such as that tired appearance, that frown wrinkle or that deep nose-lip fold.

Be beautiful, stay beautiful

If we may believe that, the world generally revolves more and more about the outward happiness. If you look good, it is often associated with success and being happy.This is of course not always the case, a beautiful appearance alone does not determine a successful and successful life.


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